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DNA Testing for Skin Cancer

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DNA Testing for Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer diagnosed in the UK and throughout the world. Relating to a malignant tumour that grows in the skin cells, it can be described as either a melanoma or non-melanoma, the former of which is less common than the latter but is more serious as it can spread rapidly throughout the body. The causes of skin cancer vary somewhat, although excessive exposure to ultraviolet light is the chief culprit; indeed, scientists have long advised people to cover up when exposed to direct sunlight. However, it is clear not everybody who is immersed in strong ultraviolet light for prolonged periods of time will develop skin cancer, which is important for understanding that a genetic predisposition to skin cancer plays a pivotal role in developing the condition.

Although anybody can develop a melanoma, genetic predisposition DNA testing for skin cancer has proved invaluable in assessing whether a given individual has an increased probability of developing the disease. DNA studies relating to basal cell nevus syndrome and familial melanoma in particular have illustrated certain types of people are more at risk of catching skin cancer than others. Most notably, those people who have red or fair hair and blue or green eyes will, in the majority of cases, have a genetic predisposition to the disease. The same can be said of those people who have light complexions, freckles and skin that burns easily in the sunlight. Considering the entire genome of the disease has been mapped, DNA testing skin cancer can highlight a person’s susceptibility to developing melanoma.

For support and more information about skin cancer, please visit the The Skin Cancer Foundation website.

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