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Dad-It-Yourself – £30 DNA Paternity Test Kits Over Chemist Counter

SYDNEY, Australia – July 17, 2009 – The Sun’s Emma Morton writes about over-the-counter DNA paternity testing kits.

Dads will soon be able to buy DNA paternity test kits over the counter – to prove kids are theirs.

The £30 packs let them take simple swabs which are flown to a lab for analysis.

Ian Meekins, boss of International Biosciences (IBDNA) in Edenbridge, Kent, has been selling the kits online for several years. He hopes to have them available in every High Street chemist within three weeks.

Mr Meekins said: “The results come back after a week. You can pay moore to get them quicker. We’re not moral guardians and do not judge. We don’t give direction just provide factual evidence.”

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Notes for Editors:

About International Biosciences

International Biosciences offer a wide range of DNA testing services, including paternity, siblingship and other relationship tests as well as DNA tests for immigration purposes, child custody cases and even DNA ancestry research. IBDNA benefit from an award–winning Molecular Biologist as one of their directors allowing them to remain at the forefront of international genetic research.

IBDNA also provide a comprehensive website,, detailing every aspect of the DNA testing process, showing everything from the differences between home DNA testing and legal DNA tests, to consent issues and understanding the final results report.

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