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International Biosciences Launches 3 Innovative DNA Tests to Maximise Wellness and Lifestyle

Brighton, UK 17/02/2016- International Biosciences launches 3 innovative tests aimed at helping individuals make informed lifestyle decisions based upon their unique genetic makeup. The three new tests added to the company’s portfolio include the Diet and Nutrition Test, the Wellness and Lifestyle and the Children’s DNA Discovery test.

Commenting on this launch, the Sales and Marketing director for the company states that “International Biosciences consistently seeks to expand its portfolio of DNA testing services. We maintain this as an ongoing strategy as our market insights show that the need for different types of tests emerges over time. Whilst parental testing and relationship testing are still in high demand, people are enquiring about many other types of tests which spill over into areas of health and clinical testing. Individuals today are much more aware of how their DNA impacts their health and lifestyle and want to capitalise on their genetic information. The 3 tests we offer can really help people make smarter lifestyle decisions and reach their desired weight and health goals”.

The company highlights just how simple the tests are to carry out, with all three tests being carried out using simple swabs which are rubbed inside the mouth for just thirty seconds. Each of the tests helps individuals in different ways, depending on what aspect of their health and lifestyle they wish to work on and improve. The Diet and Nutrition Test helps individuals understand what diet will work best for them by outlining their gene response to different diets; with this information individuals can tailor the most effective diets and achieve results. The Wellness and Lifestyle test, which complements the Diet and Nutrition Test, is more focused on analysing our predisposition towards certain behaviours such as habit forming, risk taking and lifespan potential. The Children’s DNA Discovery test is ideal for parents who want to understand their children better by understanding how their genes influence different aspects of their life, such as their endurance and athletic potential, their ability to avoid errors, memory performance and many more.

Initial response to these tests has been positive as shown by the comment of one of the company’s clients who took the Children’s DNA Discovery test, “I took the test with my four year old son and I was amazed at the results as it told me things I didn’t know and also confirmed traits I know I have. Apparently my son and I both  have the sprinter gene and we are both better in the morning, it also picked up on my multi-lingual capability which he has inherited, so overall I was excited and pleased with the results.”

All new tests are available online through the various International Biosciences websites and depending on which country you are ordering from. Introductory offers apply for a limited period of time. Results will shortly be available in Spanish and more languages are planned for the near future, whilst additional related products are expected to be launched next year.

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