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Karmagenes Personality DNA Test

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Karmagenes Personality DNA Test

What is Karmagenes?

Karmagenes is our exciting new ‘Behavioural Genetics’ DNA Test using the latest in DNA sequencing technology. Unlocking the secrets behind what makes you unique starts with a simple saliva DNA sample! Do you like to play it safe or are you more of a risk taker? Are you a Planner or are you more Spontaneous? Learn about how your genetics affects your behaviours from stress management to Sociability. Karmagenes knows you better than you know yourself!

Karmagenes will also require you to complete a quick personality based questionnaire as part of the ‘Nurture’ aspect of the test and therefore we can only offer Karmagenes for participants over the age of 16.

How Does Karmagenes Work?

DNA modifications that Karmagenes score for, known as Single Nucleotides Polymorphism (SNP), are extracted from high quality, scientifically peer reviewed, research papers available in the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health called PubMed.

DNA is the code of life and is found in every living thing and eventually in every single cell of our body. DNA is identical up to 99% between different people yet each individual have a unique set of DNA. This uniqueness is maintained by over 30 million variants constituting a platform for researchers to discover, study and document their implications on our health and behaviour.

Karmagenes i5, our tailored psychological assessment tool built by our professional psychologist with the core values of the most used, researched and accepted personality paradigm, the big 5 dimensions of personalities known simply as the “Big 5”.

Our Five factor model describes five basics human personality traits regardless of language or culture derived from statistical analyses of which traits tend to co-occur in people’s descriptions of themselves or other people. The Big Five is now the most widely accepted and used model of personality to study personality in terms of how it changes over time and how it relates to other variables.


Karmagenes proprietary algorithm builds a personalised profile from the information obtained from the tailored Karmagenes i5 psychological assessment and the 14 different behavioural characteristics information extracted from the DNA sample.

Our proprietary algorithm is constructed on a polygenic approach that links multiple SNPs and Genes with each of the 14 behavioural characteristics in a unique, novel and accurate manner.

What is Behavioural Genetics?

Behavioural genetics or Behaviour Genetics is the study of genetic and environmental influences on behaviours. By examining genetic influences, more information can be discovered about how the environment works to affect our behaviours. Almost all behaviours studied by psychologists are affected by our genetic make-up, and so the question is not whether genes are important, but how do they affect these behaviours? We know, from thousands of studies using many different methodologies, that both genes and environment are important to understand if we hope to untangle the mysteries of virtually any behaviour.

Click here to read more about the Science behind Karmagenes and the evolution of Behavioural Genetics Studies.


Results are presented in a comprehensive, full colour 21 Page Report.

Important: Karmagenes is only intended for participants aged 16+

To view a sample report please click here.

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